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Color Chart

The Marbles:

We would like for you to understand that Marble and Marble/ Onyx are natural products and signifigant random variations in color, veining and texture occur and are always considered acceptable. All items are hand-crafted & hand-polished and slight variations in size and shape occur and are considered accpetable. Finally, because of the nature of sandblasting and laser engraving, faintly palpable variations in the texture occur with wide acceptance.

Jet Black

Jet Black isn’t as black as black can get, only as black as marble can get. Brief veins of very, very dark grey and pinpoint specks of white are not uncommon features of this marble world’s definition of Jet Black.

Black Zebra

This marble is black with white veining. It assumes every form from flecks of bright white shavings and stubble...to wrap around filaments like crimped hair and spidersilk. It can also thicken and look smoke-like, from full-blown contrails to cig- arette plumes and incense wisps, gorgeous enough to turn purely instructional text somewhat musical.

Jade Leaf Green

Each and every piece contains a gamut of light-to-very-dark greens: olive, lime, algae, ivy, pine, emerald-even Banker’s Green variegations, and weaves them in an intensely active, random kaleidoscope.


A beautiful, beautiful stone. But if no one were to split hairs this would really be an ultra-white, diffuse ambitious gray. The same way the Jet Black is seldom pure black; white isn’t likely purely white. Variegations abound in the saturation, but never in the opinion. What dominates is always this cottony tone of radiant brightness.


The Botticino is a fine-grained beiged marble with the faintest pink underhue. And just beneath the surface, almost disappearing within the lustre, there’s this tiny frequent veining, an ore looking much like a stitchwork of faint and faded burgundy capillaries all connected. At other times its more like a pencil stroke of short vaguely blue marks throughout.

Swirl Amber Onyx

Swirl Amber marble is so ornately patterned that it bears what clearly seems to be spool-fine color threads distinct as a loom: In one inch of Swirl Amber we counted twenty-seven distinct filaments of Burnt-Red, Blue White, Plum Gray, Algae Green, Olive, Artichoke, Teal, Magenta, Maroon, Snow White, Orange-within-Yellow, Candy Purple, Apricot, Salmon, and a cigar-plume Blue-A beautiful weave of nearly innumerable colors, all in a theme of butter rich brown.

Fossil Stone

Fossilstone is a plankton heap of countless whorls, spokes, orbs, spires, shards and bit of anything that ever carried a shell, a curve or a feeder. The color is a pale Creamtone with brown-to-dark brown organic fields.

Teak Marble

A rare petrified wood in marble form, which looks like both. The color patterns are broadly mosaic, transparencies of various browns: light earth, wood, terra cotta, creamed coffee.

Black & Gold

This marble has all the beauty of Black Zebra marble with an extra quality to it. Not only do the white veinings take on a more creamy effect, there is the addition of gold to honey colored veinings. The veinings are more like huge arteries, surging the colors through the black stone. The result is a stunning combination of colors in marble.

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown embodies all the richness the name implies. Streaked with varying degrees of brown with the occasional vanilla striking a vein here and there, emcompassing all the flavors of chocolately goodness. From fudge to milk chocolate, this marble will surely satisfy someone’s sweettooth.

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