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If a Diamond is Indeed Forever, Then Marble Doesn’t Do Too Bad Itself

Some thousand million years old, and thus one of diamond’s peers, marble is beauty within age. So splendid a substance, even its ruins are magnificent. The only awards medium to share the same explanation of value as with precious stones and gems; the only major distinction being that where the diamond is rare, marble is, alas, merely improbable. Beyond that, it is the building blocks of palaces, skyscrapers, citadels, and yore. Marble is the first choice for history, modern cities and bosses who know as well as those who take pleasure in enjoying its loveliness in their homes. Rumored, after all, to have been the substance of choice for Moses and some pretty important stone tablets! From the tiny to the titanic, marble prestige remains the same, and never means less in small amounts than it does in great ones. You might say it’s Democratically Elitist: it goes absolutely anywhere only the finest surfaces are wanted. And where your meaning is clear.

All the qualities. Chances are, you have them. Or want to. Or will. Or know someone, right off hand, who does. And it is to you and those with All The Qualities that we dedicate our Life’s work and our products. Without people worthy of awards, the nicest ones available wouldn’t mean too much. We’d be sitting here with a really killer collection of artifacts; yawning happy connoisseurs of the work of our mines. Which never got to be yours. So, thank god for human excellence. Because of it we get to add our own into the world of its making.....and praising. Our pages here are chockablock with items. And more are on the way. We’ve got projects brewing and dreams doing and craftsmen stewing. With each piece of marble as maddeningly, uncollectably and addictively individual as fingerprints— Geofingerprints— it handles every sentiment uniquely. Let’s face it: Nothing speaks of the moment like a million-year commemorative.

Marble is, quite frankly, lovely. Pretty cliche, I know. It means nothing as a phrase. But marble doesn’t much function as a phrase; whole phrases aren’t usually what’s uttered around it. So infinitely individual are its pieces, and so beautiful, that, around here, if we’re not hearing the Wows and Ohs and Goshes which just gush up from visitors, then we’re coming up with a good number of them ourselves. Those utterances which just rise from the throat are how marble talks. Exclamations are its vowels. And with that much going for it from the start, it’s only a small step to envisioning the whole sentences, the great thoughts, that so perfectly fit upon it. We find some of the pieces hard to let go. But we always do. Because its purpose, as we’ve said, is out there. With you. Marble has come out from under the world to celebrate and award the world as we know it. The same way human achievement has to move out from within us where it lies sleeping, hiding, hesitating, into the awakened world as we know it. As we know it at its Best. Here’s to those with the courage to unearth their potential. We, too, know what it’s like to really dig deep. N&R marble. You’ll love it. This is heavyhanded, lighthearted, unbelievable, very-receivable stuff. From the earth....to us....to you....

The N&R International, Inc. Family

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